Fog Lights H8 Fog Lights H8 LED Upgrade for Car BMW 550i GT 2013

BMW 550i GT 2013

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Fog Lights Upgrade for Car BMW 550i GT  2013
Fog Lights: H8 LED Headlights Kit
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LED Headlights for Car BMW 550i GT  2013
BMW 550i GT 2013
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BMW 550i GT 2013
The BMW 550i GT 2013 comes with 1 upgradable application:
- Fog lights: this application uses H8 (H9, H11) bulbs.

Note: although you can upgrade only one application (low beam, high beam, fog lights, dual beam) we recommended upgrading all available applications for a more consistent field-of-vision down-road.

Please consult the owner's manual for the specific requirements for your vehicle or contact us for assistance.
QuikLED bulbs are the best alternative to traditional (incandescent) bulbs, they offer increased brightness and head-turning style. Additionally, with their improved energy/heat management system and robust design, they deliver the best performance in any condition and have a lifespan that will outlast your car.
Robust Design Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs don’t have filaments that can easily break. LED bulbs are much stronger and provide tremendous resistance to vibration and shock. Longer Life The lifespan of our high quality LEDs can be substantially longer than incandescent bulbs, they can operate for 30,000+ hours with minimal loss of light output. More Light Our LED bulbs deliver a brighter, whiter, sharper light that can improve performance and provide a safer driving experience while minimizing the glare toward oncoming drivers. Heat Efficient With the improved aluminum-alloy enclosure and electronic fan, the thermal dissipation system ensures maximum cooling and a longer life. IP68 Certified Our LED bulbs are hermetically sealed making them completely dust and water proof. Plug-N-Play Our LED bulbs can easily be installed in just minutes, they fit right into the original bulb housing and don't require ballasts nor any modification of the original setup.
Fog Lights
Bulb: H8 (H9, H11)
Power: 35W
Lumen: 4,000LM
Voltage: 12V-24V DC
Output Current: 1.8A-2.5A
Protective Class: IP65
Body Colors: Silver
Color Temperature: 6000K ±300K
Housing Material: Aviation Aluminum
Lifespan: 50,000+ Hours
Connectivity: Plug & Play
Cooling System: High Speed Cooling Fan
Working Temperatures: -40 to 110 ℃
Fog Lights H8 LED Upgrade for Car BMW 550i GT 2013